Live your desires

There are many reasons to do a boudoir photography session and it can really bring out a side of you that you would like to explore and showcase. Some women want to document a time in their lives--maybe they have lost weight and want to celebrate it and capture a new them. Some want something to spark passion with their partners to show them them in a new light. Let me find out yours to see how I can assist you with them.

"It can be challenging  to feel sexy in a body that isn't perfect by society's standards. Michael erases inhibitions and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin."

Life is short

The best time to take action on our desires is always now. Many of us may never act upon the things we desire saying "I couldn't, I shouldn't, or I wouldn't" and put things off until we never get to them. The time should always be now to chase our desires because in the end our regrets shouldn't outweigh our satisfactions in life. Please contact me if you've ever thought about having artistic, beautiful photos of yourself done to cherish for the rest of your life. You deserve this.